Unique French Sandwich, crème brûlée, French Macaron. 

                                                                                     We are a French Artisan Baker. Foodtruck and catering are the body of our business. For you, we                                                                                               prepare daily bread, sandwich, crêpes, omelets, pastry, French recipes, In brief, we cater your life.

                                                                                      Suite 109, in Freedom Village is our workshop facility, order's pickup as well.

                                                                                      REMEMBER: we are extremely available: very early morning (baking job) till 5:00pm.

                                                                                     So easy to call or text: 910 546-0097. Patrick, Your French Baker.

                                                                                     Double J Texas BBQ is rooted in the traditions found in the BBQ Restaurants of Central Texas.                                                                                                  Notably the small town of Lockhart, located just a few miles south of Austin TX. With extended                                                                                                  family from this small town our love and appreciation for Texas BBQ runs deep. We hope you too                                                                                                will fall in love with Texas BBQ. In Texas, BBQ means beef brisket smoked low and slow, with a salty,                                                                                      peppery, spice rub that creates a rich smoky flavor and dark spicy flavorful bark. So come on down and                                                                                       enjoy a taste of Texas right here in Eastern NC. ENJOY!

405 West Main Street
Havelock, NC, 28532
Phone: 252-652-6063

Open 10:30 AM
Mon. – Sat.


Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market Carteret County Historic Court House

300 Courthouse Square - Beaufort, NC 28516

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