The Lost Girls will get you tapping your foot with old-time string band music and sister                                                                                                              harmonies. Playing together for more years than they care to admit, the Lost Girls include Karen                                                                                             Koenig (fiddle, banjo, vocals) and Margery Misenheimer (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), who bring the                                                                                            old-time sound from the mountains of NC.  Barbara Blake (guitar, rubboard, vocals) from Down                                                                                           East in Gloucester, provides the rock solid rhythms.  Honorary Lost Girls, Tom Parker on bass,                                                                                               lays down the backbone of the tunes, and Bryan Blake accents the music on pedal steel.

                                                                          My name is Morris Willis and I have been involved in the musical entertainment business for over                                                                               56 years.  For as long as I can remember, music has been a huge part of my life.  In the 60’s I was a                                                                                  member of a popular musical group, The Huckleberry Mudflap.  The Mudflap recorded                                                                                                 several songs for Scepter Records out of New York City: Blue Surf, Eyes of Blue and Goodnight                                                                                    Mrs. Kollendoffer.  The Mudflap traveled from Canada to Florida and in between promoting these                                                                           songs.  After the Mudflap broke up, I started several bands but decided to go out on my own.                                                                                         I enjoy performing as a one-man band, which is what I have been doing for the last 20 years.  I                                                                                       perform a good mix of Beach, Country and Rock N Roll.  My goal is to keep the dance floor moving, whether people are slow dancing or moving to the beat!  I perform in local clubs, wedding receptions, private parties and festivals.  Playing music is doing something that I truly love and enjoy. 

Booking Information Call:  252-241-7812,  252-241-7912

Judy Wooten on bass, David Wooten on guitar, Susan Ketchin on guitar and vocals, and Al Fogleman on banjo.  The band play a mix of bluegrass and traditional acoustic music, with occasional swing, jazz and popular tunes. 

                                                                                       Our name comes from the gumbo lily, also known as the "butte primrose", which grows in the bare                                                                                           clay buttes, arroyos, and claypans of the western badlands and grasslands. We, however, enjoy the                                                                                            sand and salt air of Eastern North Carolina.​

                                                                                       Our music is a blend of old country favorites, Americana, and bluegrass creating our unique sound.                                                                                          We share our love of making music with enthusiasm and humor - in other words, we have a great                                                                                             time together.

 The band is:

Pegie Douglas-vocals, guitar, spoons.    Bobby Chandler - banjo, dobro, guitar, vocals.

​Andy Allen - bass.   Rebecca Marks - vocals, guitar.

 The band has been together since 2010 and has played at the Oriental Ol' Front Porch Music Festival, Beaufort County Traditional Music Association, Trent River Coffee Company, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum, Beaufort Historical Association, Union Alley Coffeehouse, Blu Sail Art Gallery, the Friends of Fort Macon, Crystal Coast Earth Day Celebration, MulletFest, Havelock Chilli Cook Off, Gloucester Mardi Gras, Beaufort's Mardi Gras in Middle Lane, Trinity Center for the Road Scholar Program NC Seafood Festival, Backstreet Pub, Clawson's Restaurant, Floyds 1921 Restaurant and Catering, Cru Wine Bar, Hannah's Haus, Harrika's Brew Haus, Old Beaufort Farmers Market

                                                                               Unknown Tongues is a Cajun-Zydeco driven band with a Carolina Twist. They've been together                                                                                      for  22 years, playing dances, festivals, and parties in North Carolina and beyond. They hail from                                                                                      the marshes of North Carolina, and sponsor the Gloucester Mardi Gras each February and the

                                                                               new Wild Caught Local Seafood and Music Festival each summer.

                                                                           This band plays upbeat bluegrass music from non-conventional instruments

                                                                            like spoons, washboard, gut bucket, stump fiddle, whiskey jug and rake as

                                                                           they dance and sing.  They enjoy and urge audience participation and fun!

                                                                             Raised in both Nashville, TN and Eastern Carolina, Sabra has developed both a coastal and                                                                                                mountain style in music. Whether covering Nashville favorites like Reba, or classic rock such as                                                                                       Stevie Nicks, or pop folk such as Joni Mitchell, Sabra provides the listener with a musical journey                                                                                     through 5 decades. Unlike many artists Sabra started playing late in life after some physical

                                                                            disabilities caused her to retire much too early. She combined her love of singing with self taught                                                                                       acoustic guitar. Beginning playing for the public in 2014 at local Eastern NC markets and fundraising                                                                             events she also returned and performed in Nashville in 2015.

Carolina Sky is a free-spirited bluegrass combo based out of Raleigh and New Bern, North Carolina. Featuring strong female lead vocals with sonorous 2 and 3-part harmonies, the group is anchored by two women with powerful voices and a rich blend.

Kurtis is 10 years old and will be the 5th grade this fall.  He has two sisters, one older and one younger.  Kurtis started showing an interest in music at an early age and has been singing since he was two.  He started playing the ukulele about six months ago after teaching himself to play by watching YouTube videos where he learns new songs, and chords.  Recently Kurtis started his own YouTube channel to engage his fan base that has requested to hear more of his music. Kurtis has written a song, plays the piano, and hopes to write, compose, and play more of his own work. When he is not singing and playing his ukulele, he loves to play soccer, skateboard, and acting in plays at the local theatre.

Watch Kurtis on YouTube here:

Marsha Harris, from Morehead City, NC, is an accomplished musician of the mountain, Native American flute and fiddle and vocalist. She enjoys playing many genres of music and composing on the mountain dulcimer and Native American style flute. Her album, A Nice Combination, expresses her varied musical interests.


I grew up in Otway, and got the name, “Little Cecil,” because my dad was also named Cecil.  I started writing songs when I was about thirteen and learned how to play guitar so I could play what I heard in my head. 

I have a wide range of musical influences but the Eagles have always been my favorite band.  I have played in several bands and at the moment I play with “Wild Blue.”  Make it a point to catch me at the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market on July 29th!


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