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Winter has faded and spring has arrived in all its white light, nature budding glory.   Farmers’ crops have emerged from the warming soil to greet the sunshine, delicious spring joyful food is simmering in the foodies’ kitchens, and artisans’ winter creations are being prepped, all for the opening of the 2021 Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market season this coming Saturday, April 16th. 
We are excited as you are to fall back into the rhythm of Saturday morning market activity on the courthouse grounds under those very special oaks.  When the market is nestled there, all is right with the world.  Friendly vendors, bright colors, the hum of happy conversations, dogs strolling by, eager shoppers from near and far, babies in strollers, and the joy of our safe outdoor venue all combine to create a scene which values community interaction and shared values of shopping with our local friends and neighbors.
We look forward to providing our abundant; rain or shine market for you every Saturday morning from 9 until 1, enriching our community and the lives of all who come.  Won’t you join us for this weekly celebration of life in our beautiful coastal town?

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The Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market is fortunate to have a group of hard working, dedicated folks who represent the various vendor groups and the community in their leadership of the market.  

Meet and greet them below.

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Elizabeth Kopf: Beaufort: Foodie Vendor Rep


"Serving on the OBFM Board provides me with a real sense of community connection and pride.  Helping to cultivate a place for locals and visitors alike to connect while shopping for quality goods is such a gratifying experience.  What a privilege it is to serve on this Board!"

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Tyler Chadwick: MHC: / Farmer/Fisherman Vendor Rep / Board President


"I truly enjoy being a part of the OBFM board and doing my part to help the market grow! The OBFM is more than a farmers market; it’s a way of life for our vendor family and our community.  I look forward to a fantastic 2021 season! "


Emily Bankson:  MHC:  Artisan Vendor Rep


"I am an artist and a mom. The Beaufort farmers market means the world to me. It has become my 2nd family and a place for artists to showcase their talent.  I am honored to serve on the board representing the collective voice of the amazing artists at our Beaufort market."


Mike Dunn:  Beaufort:  Community Rep / Board Treasurer


"The most fulfilling part of being a member of the OBFM leadership team is contributing to an environment where folks can pursue their passion, earn supplemental income, and in many cases turn their small business into a source of full-time income."


Elizabeth Gould:  Beaufort:  Community Rep / Secretary


"I love being a part of bringing the community together each week where they are able to buy unique gifts, local produce, eggs and meats.  The market atmosphere is amazing and is my happy place!"


Sharon Harker:  Beaufort:  Community Rep / Board Vice President


"The Olde Beaufort farmers market is a community hub—a place to meet up with your friends, bring your children, shop for fresh local food, or a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift.  Happy, Healthy life!"

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MaryAnn Tormey:  Pine Knoll Shores:  Volunteer Coordinator


"I was searching for a positive and rewarding place to volunteer, and Elizabeth Gould recommended the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market. She was right!  Cindy Bunch spreads positivity, yet runs a very organized and well-planned market. I signed up to be the volunteer coordinator for the welcome tent and joined the board. I’m glad to be part of a great team."


Cindy Bunch:  Marshallberg:  Executive Market Manager


"The market gives me an opportunity to give back to the community in a way that I believe enriches and improves our lives.  I am happy to be a part of the large group of folks who come together to make it happen!"

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"Coastal Breeze Succulents and Herbs is a small business located between coastal marsh and sound waters.  The wind is always blowing here!  Succulents and herbs are becoming the staples of my home garden, and I’m growing and sharing my plants and discoveries with others who may (or may not!) need lovely, flowering plants that can survive in a harsh coastal environment.  My hope is that others will enjoy these plants and find joy and success in growing them, as well!  Succulents, Herbs, and Arrangements."

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"This is a photo of myself & my youngest of 4 sons (Cameron) whom is the sole reason I took on the ‘project’ of inventing alcohol infused jar cakes.  I spent 18 months experimenting to create my own recipes in preparation for the largest graduation party our small town in Pennsylvania would participate in.  My celebration was not only to recognize Cameron’s accomplishment summer 2020 but it was a celebration to an end of 39 years of academics with 4 sons.  I also have 6 grandsons & 4 brothers.  It of course, the party was also a way for the entire community, friends, family to say good bye to me as I was moving to my forever coastal community.  My passion is cooking, baking and sharing meals with those I love as well as strangers whom always grow to love sitting at my kitchen table.  I moved to Beaufort January 1st and am absolutely giddy with glee as to the friends I have already made.  My second passion is shopping for handmade creative/artistic or vintage treasures.  I am grateful to have been accepted into this community & the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market ‘Family with such wonderful open arms!  See you on Saturday!!!  Thank you!!"

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"Beaufort Biscuits offers small batch Southern baked classics specializing in a variety of buttermilk biscuit flavors and freshly made granola.  Barbara and Jeff Benoit started Beaufort Biscuits after retiring in 2020 as a way to pursue their passion for traditional home baked Southern foods."

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"Our names are Montana and George. Silent Flight Studios is named after our 41’ classic sailboat, Silent Flight, which we use to access secret sea glass beaches throughout the Caribbean to find our beachcombed treasures. We make our jewelry by hand-building sterling silver settings around each piece of sea glass. Montana, a silversmith for 12+ years, is originally from the Caribbean and has had a life-long love of using history to find treasure (think shipwrecks, antique bottles, old coins). George is an Ocean Isle Beach, NC native who is passionate about local seafaring traditions and the legacy of pirate treasure in coastal North Carolina. Our jewelry exudes Caribbean vibrancy and Carolina charm."

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"We bought our Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice cart last year and love scooping yummy treats for customers! (We based out of Finz Grill). My husband, Mike was raised in Beaufort. I met him and moved south from the Northern Outer Banks. I am a school teacher here in Beaufort and this is now my summer job. We are having a blast serving something refreshing and connecting with locals and tourists."

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FOX HAVEN FARM:  Libby Steadham


Inspired by the growing seasons, Libby Steadham has written a cookbook in honor of life lived along-side a “sustainable” farmer for over 30 years.  She brings with her many years of working in public service, photography & art, small scale farming, creative cooking from the garden & a deep reverence for our natural world. Libby & Steve make their home in Gloucester, NC at “Fox Haven Farm”.

“Seasonal Cooking from the Garden” highlights the farm fresh vegetables and fruits available over the coastal NC growing seasons.  Shared are over 104 favorite recipes, nutrition and unique flavors of these seasonal offerings with garden stories and tips about growing your own food. The hope is that you will find fresh foods to try in ways you and your family truly enjoy! This book will be available starting in mid-May for $18 a copy.  A donation from the sale of each cookbook will go directly to The Food Bank of Central & Eastern, NC.

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"We grow mushrooms. Fresh, consistent, quality mushrooms on the Crystal Coast. Born Here. Grown Here."


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Ashley's Crafty Corner specializes in home and seasonal decor, and services all of Eastern North Carolina. Ashley Woolard started the business in 2019 at 17 years old with her grandmother Judy Berry. We primarily focus on wreaths and bows, but we also create floral arrangements, door hangers, wood signs and refurbished furniture. This business started as a way for Ashley and her grandmother to spend together and has since grown leaps and bounds.

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"I am Tara Marion-Short and this is my family! We love the Down East community! We love making 100% natural soaps that are inspired by locations and the wonderful people of Down East!"

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"My name is Patrick Sullivan. I am a native North Carolinian and I have lived in Beaufort for three years. I am an avid outdoorsman and spend over 300 hours each year on the Atlantic Ocean fishing, scuba diving and pleasure boating the Cape Lookout area. My artwork is fueled by the beauty of our State and all it has to offer. Whether you are a native or a visitor to the Crystal Coast, my work offers everyone the opportunity to relive the beauty of our State in your home or office with a quick glimpse. I hope to meet you at the Old Beaufort Farmer's Market this summer."

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Because we care about our community we will continue to follow the market operating protocol we used in 2020 as illustrated below.

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"Strawberries are coming up ripe in the fields!"   Join us as we celebrate our favorite spring fruit on April 24th with shortcake topped with whipped cream!

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Spring is popping all over and the time for a salad made from produce grown my OBFM farmers is now!


Fresh Spring Salad:

Grilled asparagus spears, tender tops
8 leaves butter lettuce (Boston or Bibb lettuce work too)
5 oz spring green mix (about 6 cups)                       1/4 cup of your favorite microgreens
1/4 cup of fresh chopped basil                                  1/4 cup of spring onions chopped
2 radishes, trimmed and thinly sliced                        ⅓ cup snow peas or blanched green peas
Cucumber slices as desired                                      Carrot sliced, diced or striped as desired
Strawberries washed, capped and sliced                  Olive oil
4 ounces goat cheese, torn into smaller pieces (I use herbed goat cheese)


Lemon Dressing:
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice               ⅔ cups olive oil (plus more as needed)
½ teaspoon dijon mustard                                           1 clove garlic, minced
¾ teaspoon honey (or to taste)                                    Salt and pepper to taste


Make the lemon dressing: Combine all the lemon dressing ingredients in a mason jar. Cover with the lid tightly and shake vigorously until fully combined and emulsified. Adjust the dressing ingredients to taste, if needed. For example, if it’s too sour, add more olive oil or honey. Set aside.


Slightly cook the asparagus: On a skillet or grill pan, add a small amount of olive oil over high heat. Cook the asparagus for about 1-2 minutes per side, until slightly tender but still crisp. This will make the asparagus slightly tender and easier to eat. Transfer to a plate and set aside.


Arrange the salad: On a large platter, arrange the butter lettuce. Then add the spring green mix. Gently tuck the asparagus in the greens, and arrange the remaining salad ingredients (radish slices, goat cheese, peas) on top.    Drizzle with the prepared lemon dressing and serve. Enjoy!


Adapted from:

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It's always such a pleasure to be able to host the Virtual Spring Farm Tour on our social media platforms. For me it builds the anticipation of the market's opening!  I hope that you have enjoyed meeting our new farmers, seeing the new expansions across the farms that your support has made possible. We become family, smile with joy when new little farm hands are on the way and see new babies in the fields.  The market family is growing as we can see with this year's tour.  It's truly Field to Table Freshness!


Be sure to help the market's social media reach by Liking, Commenting and Sharing our posts on your feeds!  The more you engage, our ranking comes up and we're easier for others to find us in the search engines.  We're counting on your support!  See you at the market on Opening Day!

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This is such a re-leaf!

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We are so excited to see you on Opening Day, April 17th! 

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Follow us on Social Media and our Website:

Facebook and Instagram:  @oldebeaufortfarmersmarket

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