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The Mike Dunn Memorial Scholarship Application


The Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market Mission:

To educate, inform, and engage the public in making healthy lifestyle choices concerning fresh food, sustainable environmental and agricultural practices, improved personal health, wellness and happiness, and the value of shopping local, all accomplished in an informal learning setting which values interactions and shared relationships among members of the community. 


Purpose of scholarship:

To reward a community-minded student or individual who is seeking financial aid to further their education in an area of study about which they are passionate, in preparation for becoming a contributing member to the enrichment of the community and society.


Amount of scholarship:    Up to $3,000



  • REQUIRED: an overall minimum weighted GPA of 2.5

  • REQUIRED: a senior student who is a resident of Carteret County, in good standing graduating from

one of the three Carteret County public high schools, or is attaining a high school diploma, achieved through home study schooling, or a comparable graduation program, pursuing a post-secondary degree.

  • REQUIRED: must be accepted and/or enrolled at an accredited post-secondary school, including a community college, technical school, college, or University.

  • REQUIRED: must be pursuing a degree in, or related to, a field of study consistent with the mission and purpose of the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market.

  • DESIRED: completed at least 30 hours of internship with the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market


Enclose the following documents with this application:

  • Completed application

  • List of school and community activities

  • A personal statement on how this scholarship will impact your life in a positive way.

  • Two letters of recommendation, one from 2 of the following possible sources: (1) a teacher, (2) an unrelated, community-minded adult who has knowledge of the student's character and interests, or (3) in the case of a homeschooled student, a church or community representative who has worked with the applicant.  Recommendations should mention elements that support the description of the purpose of this scholarship.



Submit the application below and all required supporting items to  

In some cases, as in a student returning to higher education after a gap after high school, explanatory information should be included.  Such a situation will not eliminate the student from eligibility for the scholarship.  

Olde Beaufort Farmers'Market

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