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Announcing the Fourth Annual

Sea to Table Dinner

 September 29th.

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We are pleased to announce the menu for this fabulous evening featuring a delicious meal of fresh, locally caught seafood, homegrown vegetables, homemade breads and desserts, along with beer, wine and live music by Hank Barbee. Chef Jon McGregor and his staff will prepare delicious appetizers, seafood entrees, and side dishes which will reflect our coastal resources and early fall abundance from the sea and the field, all provided by our market farmers, fishermen, bakers, volunteers, and business supporters.


Thanks to strong support of our community, our 4th annual Sea to Table Dinner is sold out!  We appreciate all who made the choice to join us for this wonderful evening of great food, fellowship, and fun on the Harborside deck in beautiful downtown Beaufort. 
Thank you!

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Let's Celebrate Our Farmers At The Market!

The OBFM has more local farmers in our market this year than ever before who on Saturday mornings set up under white tents on the courthouse square. The conversations that ensues between the farmers and gardeners who grew or made the products and the shoppers who are looking for fresh, locally grown produce, meats, and other farm goods creates a direct and personal link between our local small businesses and consumers.  

It doesn't get any better than this!

There are traditional farmers who have tended the land for generations offering field-fresh vegetables of all kinds; growers using sustainable, organic methods, hydroponically grown veggies; fresh, locally harvested produce, herbs, microgreens, blueberries, figs, melons, honey, flowers, potted succulents, plants, pickled veggies, jams and jellies, and

hemp products.  

Our farmers of the sea offer farm-raised oysters, smoked wild-caught fish and fresh,

wild-caught shrimp.  

Our livestock farmers grow pasture-raised, quality chicken, beef, pork, duck, goose, farm fresh chicken and duck eggs, and our alpaca farmers offer fine products made from their pasture-raised alpacas' wool.

Find them all each Saturday on the main drive under the oaks and shop with us to celebrate the diversity of agriculture we have in our area and in our market!

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CAROLINA PICKLE COMPANY:  Christian & Donnie Mills

"Hello!  My name is Christian Mills.  My husband, Donnie, and I own Carolina Pickle Company.  We make cold-packed pickles and small-batch jams and jellies.  My husband and I both come from farming families, so farming is in our DNA.  We grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs and raise animals for meat production on our eastern NC farm.  We are crazy about pickling as evidenced by our large selection of pickle flavors.  We love what we do and enjoy spreading our love of all things pickled with our wonderful customers!."

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"I am a plant lover and grower!  As a life-long gardener, I have spent many, many hours learning about and growing plants. Years ago, I began growing succulents.  After learning how adaptable they are to the environment and how easy they are to propagate, I was hooked, and I began to grow as many plants as I could.  When I retired from my professional life, I decided to grow two categories of plants I’ve had great success with - succulents and herbs – not only for myself, but to share with others.  


I find that shoppers who stop by to chat with me at the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market are sometimes interested in either adding a single, unusual succulent to their existing garden, or looking for an easy-care gift of a plant that is already potted.  Lately, though, most of my customers are looking for a single succulent that is already potted, or an arrangement of succulent plants that is for them. Everyone hopes that they will have great success in keeping their plant(s) alive, and I hope my advice will help them achieve that goal!

Find me on Facebook at @coastalbreezesucculents "

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"I have a passion for gardening and want to share the love of beautiful flowers by creating bouquets from my gardens here in Morehead City, NC."

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FOX HAVEN FARM:  Libby Steadham

"At 'Fox Haven Farm' we are blessed with gracious neighbors, land formerly grazed pastureland that now lends itself well for our organic, compost rich gardens, small orchard, blueberries fruits of all kinds, heirloom garlic and variety of vegetables. Our pollinators are so very important to our efforts. Their honey is rich golden and oh so sweet. This year's harvest is abundant and we are happy to offer local honey at the market. 

'Seasonal Cooking from the Garden' was created from over 30 years of experience in cooking with the foods we grow.  Inspired by the seasons, it is in honor of an extraordinary life lived with a “sustainable” farmer and our love affair with the land.  These simple recipes of goodness are offered for you to try, experiment with and enjoy!  We invite you to join us on this journey through the seasons of the garden."

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"I am the owner of Fresh Epicurean Farms. I live in Morehead City. The farm is located in Gloucester North Carolina. I wanted to create a farm that produces culinary herbs for home cooks and chefs to use to make the freshest meals and making herbal products and seasonings. Fresh Epicurean Farms is becoming known for aromatic large herb plants. We grow Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Summer Savory, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, hot and mild peppers, and Peppermint.  We put basil into our all natural lotion bars, bath salts, sugar scrubs and lip balms. Also, we make two different types of fresh seasonings that go well with shrimp, burger patties, steak, chicken, and vegetables. Our web site is freshepicurean.weebly.com."

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GOAT LADY DAIRY/3VIP,LLC:  Denise Robertson, Market Representative

For 25+ years Goat Lady Dairy has produced artisan goat and cow milk cheeses in Climax North Carolina. Started by Ginny Tate, an idea turned into a vision and the vision developed into a well known producer of goat and cow milk cheeses distributed from coast to coast, the Northeast, and Southern United States.  

Market Representative, Denise Robertson, has been with the company for 20 years, first as a volunteer, intermittently,  market manager, and currently as farmers market representative and special accounts distributor from the Triad to the coast.

Products are a variety of spreadable chevres, brie styles, aged, and premium cheeses crafted with care and love.  We serve our community with love.

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Harlowe Custom Micro’s is a Veteran owned and operated farm that opened in 2017 in Harlowe,  North Carolina.  We work to provide high quality options and ingredients to local restaurants and Farmers Markets helping to enhance that unique  and delicious offerings our area provides to locals and visitors alike!

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OCEAN AIR HEMP FARM:  Mike & Traci Hynes

Traci Says:

"Here at Ocean Air Hemp Farms we have been busy as usual!  As many of you know, our soil has been a great focus and we've put in a lot of dedicated work.  We desire to provide quality produce and plants, so we continue to cultivate nutritious soil by tilling in a little "nature"!  This includes the bio-char we have been generating, local fish house scraps, manure, vegetation and wood chips.  
Of course we are also regularly tending our hemp plants (harvesting will be late September), fruit trees and animals.  Very recently we incubated Guinea hen eggs and they've become our newest addition!  Perhaps you will see them soon at the market!" 

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Craig Hamilton bridges the gap of being both a pasture farmer and a farmer of the sea with both duck/geese products, fresh duck eggs and also tasty smoked local wild-caught fish from the sounds and sea in our area.  The smoked fish products are quickly becoming a market favorite!

Recently his ducks and their eggs were featured in an article by Rebecca Jones of the Carteret News Times.  The online link is provided for your reading pleasure. 

Rebecca writes:

"Craig Hamilton of Beaufort Way Farm in Atlantic has a rich heritage and history with ducks. He took to the path of duck egg farming through his grandfather, Julian Hamilton Sr. who moved from Atlantic to Beaufort around the time of the Great Depression to work at First Citizens Bank.  He raised Wood Ducks in a flight pen in his backyard at 805 Ann St. and even exported Wood Duck eggs to a zoo in Italy so the Italians could view our North American Wood Ducks."




Paradise Produce is a small scale farm located in Atlantic.  Seasonal fruits & vegetables are sustainably grown year round, in field rows and raised beds.

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ROYSTERS NC:  Roy & Tammye Emerson

Roysters NC is a family owned/operated small oyster farm located in the North River between Beaufort and Harkers Island.   We are passionate about our oysters and the water they grow in.  We absolutely love coming to the Olde Beaufort Farmers Market to share our oysters with everyone.

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SHENK FAMILY FARM:  Joe, Rachel, Mason and Daisy Shenk

Rachel says:

"We are Shenk Family Farm based out of Newport, NC. We offer chicken, pork, eggs, bone broth, lard soap and more. Our passion is to manage our farm in a way that promotes happy & healthy animals, land, community and farmers. We want to know our customers and for them to know us. We also value equipping people to prepare our products in a way that brings them joy and creates a delicious meal to share with those they love."

Be Sure To Visit Our Other Farmers & Fishermen:

ALPACAS OF THE CRYSTAL COAST:  Lou Ann and Dave Sekely of Newport - pasture raised alpaca wool fiber processed into scarves, gloves, socks, mittens, felted dryer balls, minature toy alpacas and other animals. 


COLLINS PRODUCE:  Dennis R. Collins of Peletier - Bogue Sound watermelons and other vegetables.

DARDEN'S SEAFOOD:  Joe and Susan Darden of Beaufort - fresh wild-caught shrimp.

JW MERRELL FARM:  Joe Merrell of Beaufort - farm fresh vegetables and fruits.

SHOE BRANCH FARM:  Tim and Deborah Lockey of Newport - pasture raised pork and beef.

We look forward to serving the needs of our community with fresh locally grown food and quality handmade products. Thanks for your support!