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Enchanted Magic Under the Oaks

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Find the magic of Christmas!

The Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market’s 8th annual Olde-Fashioned Holiday Market is right around the corner!  Excitement is building and our community is buzzing about this special evening event coming up on the courthouse grounds on December 17th from 4 until 8 PM.

Plans are in place for 100 booths filled with farmers, bakers, fishermen, artists, and craftspeople ready to fill all your holiday needs and wishes.  Shopping begins at 4 o’clock at which time the grounds will be energized by those who have come to buy the perfect gifts for friends and family, and food for their holiday parties and meals.

As the darkness begins to fall and vendors’ lit and decorated booths twinkle under the giant old live oaks, the magic of this open air market illuminates the night as joy and love fill the space.  Santa and his elf in their golf cart will stop by to visit with kids, young and old, and holiday music will drift through the air.

We thank you for your patronage all year long and we look forward to sharing this spectacular holiday event with you!

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Fall reminds me of the twilight hours when a neighboring farmer in the small community where I grew up, stepped out to the gate of his pasture and in his deep, strong voice called the cows home.  The light was golden, fading behind the tall pine woods, illuminating the corn fields laid to rest, and all of nature’s creatures were settling in for the night.  Soon the barred owls began their symphony, standing vigil in the enveloping, peaceful darkness. 

Fall is the season when the busyness of summer winds down and all forms of life are preparing for the winter ahead.  It is a spectacular time for the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market!  The golden sunshine filters through the magnificent live oaks on the courthouse square, dapples the ground, and sets the faces of shoppers and children aglow.  The welcomed cooler weather brings relief from the summer heat, quickness to the steps of many, and excitement for the upcoming holiday season.

If you’ve been to the market on Saturday mornings, you’ve experienced the magic of the space and are probably drawn to it much like the cows coming home.  Friendly vendors with homemade, homegrown, fresh caught, and handmade goods fill this refuge through which shoppers linger, loiter, and purchase food and treasures.  The market is a place where no one is a stranger and harmony lives.

The OBFM vendors will continue to gather each Saturday through Nov. 26th when we will, for the first time ever, host a market themed, “Shop Small Saturday: From our Hands to Yours.”  We aim to give folks an opportunity to enjoy kicking off the gift-giving season by purchasing from our small businesses, keeping the exchange of abundance in local hands.

After a 3 week break, on December 17th, we will host our 8th annual Olde-Fashioned Holiday Market.  This market is a spectacular culmination of the 2022 OBFM season.  From 4 – 8 PM the courthouse grounds are alive with brightly lit and decorated tents, hustling and bustling shoppers dressed for the winter season, and a powerful sense of peace, love, and joy floating through the night air.  If you listen carefully you may hear the hooting of the owls that perch atop the courthouse steeple, assuring us that in this place, at this time, all is well. 

We look forward to meeting you at the market!

Cindy W. Bunch
Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market Manager


Market Manager Thoughts

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We look forward to serving the needs of our community with fresh locally grown food and quality handmade products. Thanks for your support!