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Announcing our Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market

Cake Baking Contest

Being held at the market on Saturday, October 14th

Rules and Entry Form

Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market Cake Baking Contest

Contestant Rules

Who Can Enter? 
• Any and all people are welcome to enter the bake off! Kids and adults of any age are
welcome to participate.
• Both inexperienced and experienced bakers are eligible to enter.
• All cakes must be made by the entrant in a home kitchen.

What Can I Win? 
• Three finalists will be selected:
• First place will receive a blue ribbon and a $50.00 gift certificate for shopping at the
• Second place will receive a ribbon and a $30.00 OBFM gift certificate.
• Third place will receive a ribbon and a $20.00 OBFM gift certificate.

What Kind of Cake? 
• This competition is intended for homemade baked cakes.
• Cakes may be single or multi-layer, and all parts must be edible.
• Your cake must be made from scratch. No cake mixes or prepared frostings are
allowed. Toppings and decorations are encouraged.
• Participants may enter any type of cake.

How do I Enter? 
• Pre-registration is required and can be completed and submitted at HOME | farmersmarket (
• Prompt check-in is at 9:30 at the Baking Contest Tent at the market entrance in the
corner of Turner and Broad Streets.
• Judging will begin at 10:00.
• Please bring a copy of your ingredients used listed on an index card to be displayed
in front of your cake.
• After judging, slices of your cake will be sold to the general public. Any proceeds will
go towards… “Libby’s Legacy.”
• Submissions must be home baked and not store bought.
• Do not submit anything that requires refrigeration as the event is held outside.
• All entries are to be submitted as a whole, complete cake.
• All entries should be presented in a sealed container, or properly covered.
• All containers used to submit the entry are the responsibility of the entrant. It is the
entrant’s responsibility to pick up their container immediately following the event.

How Will Recipes Be Judged?

• Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

√ External Characteristics: Shape, surface, volume (maximum 10 points)

√ Internal Characteristics: Texture, grain, color (maximum 10 points)

√ Flavor/Taste (maximum 10 points)

√ Maximum total of 30 points are possible

What Happens if I Win?
You will be crowned the best bakers in the kingdom! 
• Selected finalists will be notified after the judging period, approximately 11:00 am on
Saturday, October 14.
• All finalists should be physically present for the announcement and accept their prize
at that time. If the contestant or a representative for the contestant is not present,
they are automatically disqualified, and the prize will go towards the next selected entry.
• Finalists will be photographed which may be used for future promotional materials for OBFM.

We look forward to this fun, hometown event and to 
seeing and tasting your cakes!

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