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Our Mission:

To educate, inform, and engage the public in making healthy lifestyle choices concerning fresh food, sustainable environmental and agricultural practices, improved personal health, wellness and happiness, and the value of shopping local, all accomplished in an informal learning setting which values interactions and shared relationships among members of the community.





Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market (OBFM) will operate from the County Courthouse driveway at 300 Courthouse Square in Beaufort every Saturday, weather permitting, from April 16th thru November 19th, 2022 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The season will end with a Holiday Market on the evening of Saturday, December 17th. 



Participation in the market is open to farmers, fishermen, food producers, and artisans whose products meet expectations as explained in the vendor classification section below.  Potential vendors will fill out the appropriate application on the webpage, submit it, and wait to be contacted by the Market Manager.  Preference will be given to Carteret County residents as explained on the application. 

​Since educating the public is a significant part of OBFM’s mission statement, we ask that all vendors incorporate education of shoppers into their presentations. This may be accomplished, for example, through photos of work in progress, printed recipes for use with certain vegetables, a display of ingredients or materials used in the creation process, engaging shoppers in information sharing concerning the health benefits of your product or service, showing tools used in the making process, and numerous other creative ways to carry out this part of our mission. We do not expect you to divulge trade secrets that could undermine your personal approach to your products or to create a burden for you in fulfilling this goal of OBFM.     


Some, if not all Saturdays, there will be a theme around which the market will be organized and unified. The OBFM encourages vendors to participate whenever possible in carrying out the themes as a means of giving each market a focus of interest for informing, educating, and engaging the public.

All vendors, except farmers who are selling products they grew or raised, are required by NC state law to have a Sales & Use Tax ID # and certificate.  There are no exceptions to this law.  Vendors must have their certificate prominently displayed in their booths at all times during the market. 

In an effort to retain the integrity of our market for our vendors and shoppers, if concerns arise as to the legitimacy or suitability of a vendor’s offerings, they should be brought to the Market Manager who reserves the right to review, investigate, and resolve any issues.   
All participants should refrain from promoting any political or religious cause or affiliation. 

You are expected to sell produce which you grow on your own property or that you catch locally. We are also aware that some products desired by our shoppers, may not be grown or caught by you.  If you choose to purchase and resell such products, along with your own, they must be clearly labeled, allowing our shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions. Certain businesses require government issued permits and certificates to legally carry on. 

You are expected to attain and send all such pertinent paperwork to the Market Manager at the time of application for her files.  All products should be clearly priced.  Those who are reselling must have a sales & use tax number and certificate. You are expected to know and use safe handling procedures in growing, catching, handling, packing, and transporting your products to ensure food safety and quality for our shoppers.      

You are expected to offer products such as value-added products, baked goods, pickles, jams, ready to eat food, etc. which you created in a state-approved kitchen and to have a current state-approved kitchen inspection certificate.  You are expected to attain and send a copy of this certificate to the Market Manager at the time of application for her files.   You are expected to know and use safe handling procedures in making, handling, packaging, and transporting your products to ensure food safety and quality for our shoppers. 
We promote, expect, and accept products that are handcrafted by the artist or craftsperson with quality materials and techniques to high standards of design and craftsmanship. We value your creativity, skill and personal style as it applies to your work.  With a goal of creating a diverse market, only a certain number of vendors who produce similar work will be admitted into the market, as stated on the application, including preference to Carteret County citizens.
We invite and include non-profit organizations which offer a service to our community in our market. This venue offers you an opportunity to make the larger community aware of your organization and its mission. We ask that you refrain from selling any product in direct competition with our vendors.  Discounted booth fees will apply to all non-profits that are selling items; those which are only distributing information and education will not pay booth fees.
5. READY-TO-EAT FOOD BUSINESSES:  We welcome food trucks or other food servers to our market on Saturday mornings. Your business must be licensed and permitted to sell in Carteret County. Generators, if used, must be as quiet as possible. All trash must be taken away and not stuffed into County Courthouse receptacles. This year, food servers who are certified and inspected by the Carteret County Environmental Health Dept. are allowed back in the market following strict sanitation procedures, especially in light of the pandemic.


Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market is composed of farmers, fishermen, food producers, artisans, and community organizations each Saturday to produce a vibrant, diverse market that best serves the community.  
1. FEES:
The fee for a single 10’ x 10’ booth space at the market is $20 for advance pre-payment and $25 for day-of payment. The fee for ready-to-eat food service businesses is $35.  Community organizations that are selling products will pay a fee of $15 for their booth space.  Advance payments, those made by Thursday evening for the upcoming Saturday market, are required if the vendor or organization expect to be placed on the Saturday market map.  These payments may be made through the website via PayPal or a credit card.  Day-of payments may be collected on Saturday mornings at the market by the market manager if prior payment is not possible and if the vendor has informed the market manager of their intention to participate by Thursday evening.
The Saturday morning map will assign a booth space to those vendors who have paid in advance before Friday morning through one of these methods. Any vendor or group that has not prepaid or has not informed the market manager of their intent to participate in the market on any given Saturday, will not be assigned a spot on the market map which will be emailed to all participants Friday afternoon.  Booth payments for vendors made on Saturdays will be at the late fee rate of $25.  There is no requirement that you participate in the market a certain number of times each month to remain active. 

While single vendor booths are expected, under some circumstances, no more than 2 vendors may share a booth, with the Market Manager’s approval, at the rate of 1 ½ times the cost of a single booth: $30 for advance payment or $38 for day-of payment.


Booth fees for the Olde-Fashioned Holiday Market will be pro-rated, based on the number of times a vendor has participated in the regular season market beginning April 16th and ending Nov. 19th.  These rates will range between $20 and $100 for one-time only vendors. 
All vendors and/or their employees must be present in their booth, have an application on file, have NC Sales & Use Tax certificates prominently displayed, and be in possession of any other applicable state or federal licenses, permits and certifications at each market. 
2. CREDIT: This is an outdoor, all-weather, rain or shine market. Vendors should assume that the market will be held every Saturday morning, even in questionable weather forecast situations, and show up as usual prepared for rain, wind, or bright sunshine!  
The market will be cancelled only in the event of extreme, unsafe weather conditions or other unforeseen factors. Decisions to cancel by the Market Manager will be made in the best interest of vendors and shoppers with the best available information as early as possible. If the Market Manager cancels a market, credit for pre-paid markets will be applied forward to future markets.  If a vendor cancels their participation in a market by Thursday, credit forward will be applied.  No credit will be given for prepaid markets cancelled by the vendor after Thursday evening. No monetary refunds will be given in either case. 
The Market Manager will assign spaces for all market participants, taking into consideration the vendor classification, the special needs of individual vendors, access to electricity, space rotation, and other relevant factors. The goal is to provide a map which mixes types of vendors to create a diverse and successful market experience for all vendors and shoppers alike. Space assignments will be posted on Friday afternoon and vendors will be notified by email. Key farmers will be placed in permanent spots to anchor the market while all other vendors will be placed throughout the venue on a weekly basis to keep the market fresh and interesting. As part of our pandemic safe operating procedures, all farmers and foodies will be assigned spaces on the main drive and artisans will fill grassy areas and drive areas off the main drive. This will accommodate shoppers who are only interested in buying food.
All vendors are required to use a 10’x10’ tent that is anchored with weights as our venue is often breezy. Market-owned tents, weights and tables are available for farmers, food producers, and for community organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. Any remaining tents, weights, and tables may be rented by artisans for $15 per day.
To allow customers the most convenient parking spaces, all vendors are asked to park in the Social Services building parking lot nearby on Turner and Broad Sts. or on the street away from the courthouse block. On market day please pull into the market semi-circle, back into your assigned space, unload your vehicle quickly, and then park your car. Tents should be set up after vehicles are parked off site. No cars are permitted in the vending space after 8:00 am or before 1:00 pm. Vendors are expected to set up on time and to stay until closing. You may not pack up or leave early, except in preauthorized situations approved by the Market Manager.
All product prices should be clearly posted. Products may sold by the count, weight, or bunch. For edible items, the FDA recommends the following information on product labels: your name and contact information, common product name, and a list of ingredients in descending order of predominance. 
All vendors, except for farmers and gardeners who are only selling products which they grew, must have a NC Sales & Use Tax ID certificate. This certification is simple to obtain by visiting: Certificates must be prominently displayed in vendors’ booths at all times and vendors must submit a copy to the Market Manager either online or in person at the first market in which they participate.  Also the sale of certain products requires certificates or permits issued by the state of NC or other government agencies including processed and cooked foods, seafood, dairy products, meats, potted nursery plants, and flowers. All bakers and other food producers must make their food in a state approved kitchen and must have a NC state approved kitchen certificate. Vendors are responsible for knowing of and obtaining all appropriate certifications, inspections, and permits as required by the law and they must submit a copy of such certificates to the Market Manager. Vendors must have all appropriate state and federal licenses, certificates, and permits with them at the time of sale at the market and they must be displayed in their booths if so required by the government. 
While the Farmers’ Market is pet friendly for shoppers, vendors are not allowed to have their pets at their booth due to liability issues.  Vendor smoking is not allowed within the market as we are focused on promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle. Vendors may smoke in their cars or on the sidewalks, but not in the designated smoking gazebo, which is located within the market area, or anywhere else on the courthouse square grounds.  Tobacco smoke can be offensive to other vendors and to our shoppers and should not be an issue in our market. 
Insurance is not required by the OBFM but strongly encouraged, especially for food producers. All vendors should aim to satisfy their customers with the quality of their products and will be responsible for their own safety considerations. The OBFM is not responsible for any problems that arise from your product. 
All vendors should be knowledgeable of market rules and regulations which exist to create an orderly, successful, and fun market experience for all. The market leadership trusts that vendors will abide by these rules and value their opportunity to sell their products. You are also expected to educate the public by creating and maintaining an attractive booth display and by engaging shoppers in a professional, friendly manner. If disagreements or questions arise, they should be taken to the Market Manager for resolution.
Vendors should see their booth space as their own shop/business and create, maintain, and tend it with a great amount of care. Booth décor, product signage, a sign or banner with the business name, address and/or phone number, and product placement and arrangement are just a few of the factors you should consider when planning your booth. Such details can have a large impact on the success of your business. Vendors should be in their own booths, engaging with shoppers, and should not be interfering with business which is occurring in other booths. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the market manager. The Saturday Market Assistant is responsible for helping non-profit comm. organizations and guests to set up their tents, prepare pandemic safe operating considerations, and to assist the Market Manager with other tasks. The Assistant is not responsible for setting up vendor tents but is available for help in some situations.
Each vendor is responsible for cleaning the area around his/her booth. Vendors should remove their own trash, leaving the market area clean and tidy. Vendors’ trash should not overwhelm the county receptacles on the courthouse grounds. Large trash cans provided by the town and placed down the market drive should be used for trash disposal.

will ensure that all rules are being followed and has the authority to resolve any infractions using various steps including vendor dismissal from the market if repeat offenses occur. Any deviations from the above rules must be approved by the Market Manager.

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