Farmers and Foodies

ALPACAS OF THE CRYSTAL COAST: Lou Ann Sekely,,  Scarves, gloves, socks, dryer balls made from alpaca fibers.

AYRSHIRE CROFT:  Daryl Walker,, Seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits.

BAKING FOR GOOD: Adeline Talbot,, Fresh baked cookies, rolls, cakes, granola, breads, and tarts.

BEAUFORT BISCUITS: Jeff Benoit,, Fresh baked biscuits, homemade granola.
BEAUFORT OLIVE OIL COMPANY:  Dina Whitley,, Fresh premium olive oils, vinegars, salts & provisions.

CAROLINA OYSTER COMPANY: Tyler Chadwick,, Sustainably farmed, water columned raised, premium oysters.

CAROLINA GRITS COMPANY: William West,, Small batch artisanal grits and corn meal varieties.

CRU BAR WINE BAR AND COFFEE SHOP: Cookie Miron,, Premium coffees, wines, baked sweets, chocolates.

CRYSTAL COAST DESSERTS: Rochelle Wert,, Fresh baked cakes, pies, cookies, macarons, savory tomato pies.

CX MEAT COMPANY: Nicole Cox,, Farm raised pork products.

DARDEN SEAFOOD: Joe & Sue Darden,, Wild Caught, fresh, local shrimp.

DOGGIE GOSSIP: Kat Vance,, Locally made paw balm and all natural dog treats.

THE FARM AT BOGUE:  Bert Hadden,, Fresh hydroponic greens, vine raised fruits and vegetables.

FOX HAVEN FARM: Libby Steadman,, Farm raised honey, self penned cookbook "Seasonal Cooking from the Garden". 

FRANK'S FRANKS: Frank Watson,, Hot dogs, brats, fried fish, fried chicken, grilled ribs, hamburgers.

FRESH EPICUREAN FARMS: Jeff Harlowe,, Potted herb varieties, edible flowers and vegetable plants.

GOAT LADY DAIRY:  3VIP,, Denise Robertson,, Goat Lady Dairy goat and cow milk cheeses, cherve', aged, brie and gouda style cheeses.

GRAYZ FARM: Gray Hall,,  All naturally grown greens and root vegetables. Seasonal vine crops. 

HARLOWE CUSTOM MICROGREENS: Ryan Willet,, Hydroponic microgreens, lettuces, herbs, and root vegetables.

HIGH TIDE HEMP FARM: Sean Buccione,,  CBD products, gummies, honey, water soluble tinctures.

JAMIE'S MUSHROOM FARM: Jamie Pitman,, Farm fresh mushroom varieties.

JULIA'S JAR CAKES:  Julia Muse,, Alcohol infused flavored cakes with icings in individual jars.

JW MERRELL FARM: Joe Merrell,, Farm fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, greens, collards. Delivery option.

LONGLEAF FARM: Dave & Judy Wooten,, Farm fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, and honey.

OCEAN AIR HEMP FARM: Traci Hynes,, CBD from Hemp products, fresh eggs, honey, and fresh herbs.

PARADISE PRODUCE: Jasmine Davis,, Farm fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, potted plants, and fresh cut flowers.

SHENK FAMILY FARM: Rachel & Joe Shenk,, Farm fresh eggs, pasture raised poultry, pork and beef.

SHOE BRANCH FARM: Tim Lockey,, Farm fresh eggs, pasture raised pork and beef products.

SUNKORN KETTLE KORN: Peter Sautners,, Kettle popped popcorn, funnel cakes, fried Oreos.

SUNSET SLUSHES BY THE SEA: Kendra Johnson,, Frozen and shaved Italian Ices in many flavors.

TURNER STREET MARKET: Liz Kopf,, Ready to eat foods, fresh baked sweets, savory side dishes.

WILDFLOUR BAKERY: Cathy & Gary White,, Fresh baked artisan sourdough breads, sweets, crackers and small batch jams.


3 SEA HAGS: Wanda White,, Bags, purses, beach totes and clutches made from upcycled sail material.

80% WALRUS: Lindsay Harris, Tie-dyed t-shirts, collared shirts, dresses, children's clothes and other items.

ACT:  Sharon Pastirik,, Glass and roped glass torches and jewelry pieces.

ALIVE CREATIONS: Josh Burnette,, Bromeliad arrangements with shells, driftwood and bonsai trees.

ASHLEY'S CRAFTY CORNER: Ashley Woolard,, Natural vine wreaths, ribbons, bows and accent pieces.

BAKER DECOYS: Rodney Baker,, Handcarved and painted decoys, shorebirds, ducks, geese, swans.

BEACH CHICKEN DESIGNS: Aimee Boyette,, Upcycled journals, paper goods, ornaments, and jewelry.

BEAUFORT APOTHECARY: Janet Piper,, Artisan soaps and skin care products.

BETTER TOGETHER CARDS & GIFTS: Katie Sherman,,  Homemade, collage type greeting c

BIRD IN THE HAND GIFTS: Amber Thomas,, Teacup birdfeeders, crystal windchimes, crystal jewelry pieces.

BOOK WAGON: Doug Vaughan,, Used books available for donations.

CAT HAUS DESIGNS: Cat Manolis, Jewelry: enamel, PMC, fold-formed copper/silver, leather bracelets. Bugware glazed ceramics.

CINDERELLA'S PIRATE TREASURE: Emily Bankson,, Recycled metal art and yard ornaments.

COASTALBREEZE SUCCULENTS: Nancy Little,, Succulents in planters, potted herbs and houseplants.

DEBORAH VAN DYKEN BOOKS: Deborah Van Dyken,, Author of children's books pertaining to the ocean.

DREAMING DRAGON POTTERY: Caroline Ladley,,  Handmade functional pottery and yard birds.

EMBELL: Lerzan Altan,, Handmade pants, skirts, beachwear, pebble stone art, bracelets.

FOLLOW ME TRAILER: Marc Barnett, Hand-pulled fiberglass/aluminum trailers for kayaks, small boats.

FOREST FLOOR TO OCEAN SHORE: Pamela Philpott,, Woven pine needle baskets, trays, ornaments and accents.

FORWARD WOOD TURNING: Richard Forward, Hand turned wooden bowls, boxes, yoyos, ornaments.

FRANCES MARIAN PHOTO: Suzy Lewis, Prints and photos of coastal scenes, wildlife, and local landscapes.

GALLERY OF MAYA: Maya Sorensen,, Handpainted watercolor prints feminine forms in ocean settings.

GOODNESS GRACE US: Kara Varner, Handmade jewelry featuring handmade paper beads, woven “rag” baskets.

GOT YOU IN STITCHES: Gaynelle Smith,, Hand knitted scarves, hats, gloves, infant wear, shawls.

GRACE BELL ART:  Grace Bell,,  Acrylic and epoxy ocean artwork, trays, ornaments, tables.

GURLIES JEWELRY: Charles Gurley,  Stainless steel jewelry, some with semi-precious stones.

GYPSYBEE STUDIOS: Michelle Fairchild,,  Original paintings featuring dogs, sea life, celebrities, and prints.

HARRIMAN JEWELRY: Janet Harriman,,   Fine precious metal jewelry created in a variety of methods, including gemstones.

HEIDI'S CREATIONS: Heidi Smith, Machine embroidered bath towels, napkins, baby items, bears.

IN THE GARDEN POTTERY: Nancy Flader, Unique, whimsical handmade ceramic art objects for garden and home.

ISLAND ACCENTS: Rebecca Shelatz,,   Handpainted artwork on pallet wood featuring sea creatures.

JEN CROWELL ART: Jen Crowell,, Handpainted acryllic and watercolor art on canvas, cards, mixed media.

J & J'S ARTS & CRAFTS: Jay Ipock, Inlaid wood boxes, handmade wood toys, household items, paintings, photography.

JESSY'S JEWELRY: Jessica Stoehrer, Handmade jewelry featuring crystals, leather, semi-precious stones, brass, silver.

JUNKMAN'S CROSSROADS: David English,, Handmade guitars from upcycled materials, kazoo kits. Lorie English,  Handmade purses and bags sewn from old feed sacks and other recycled fabric.

KAYLINA'S VINE DESIGNS: Kay Koch,,  Grapevine blessing catchers adorned with vintage doilies and fabric streamers.

KELERI ART STUDIO: Erin & Kelly Nelson,,  Acrylic paintings featuring dogs and sea life among other subjects. 

KRAUTHEIM WOODWERKS: Dan Krautheim,, Wooden cutting boards, rolling pins, kitchen accessories.

KYLE DIXON NATURE ART: Kyle Dixon,, Wildlife paintings.

LINDA'S LEAVES: Linda Jacobson,, Concrete cast leaves for bird baths, fountains, masks, and decorations.

LUCKY WOOD FURNITURE: Craig May,, Furniture made new from reclaimed wood.

NC COASTAL LIFE:  Mike & Nikki Dunn,,  Gallery quality underwater digital photographic prints on aluminum, yoga classes.

ON MY TRAVELS: Manda Holden,,  Original framed miniature watercolor paintings, prints, ornaments, greeting cards.

ONCE UPON A TIDE: Karen Mason,, Whimsical shell fragment assemblages, formed copper critters.

PAINTED GOURD PATCH: Gina Dearaway, Painted & sculpted gourds, cypress knees, buoys.

PATRICK SULLIVAN FINE ART: Patrick Sullivan,, Handpainted acrylic and watercolor framed arts and prints.

SALT OF THE EARTH NC: Jennifer Barbour,, Wheel-thrown pottery, smooth, simple shapes with natural form embellishments.

SAND & SEA DESIGNS: Rosanne Martin,,  Hand painted and lettered decorative wall plaques & porch signs.

SANDRAJEAN'S HANDMADE GOAT MILK SOAPS: SandraJean Goodwin,, Handcrafted soaps, lotions, bath bombs,  scented candle melts.

SEA OATS CANDLE CO.: Alexia Chianis,, Hand-crafted soy candles in jars and whelk shells, beer soap.

SEALZITI: Jane Zeller,,  Handmade soaps, lotions, household cleaners, miniature needle-felted alpaca items.

SILENT FLIGHT STUDIOS: Montana Steell,, Handmade sterling silver jewelry set with vintage sea glass, rings, earrings and necklaces.

STEPHANIE'S MEDICINAL TEAS: Stephanie Kaplan,, Medicinal herbal teas.

TRAV'S T-D TREASURES:  Katie Stipanovitch,, Tie Dyed shirts, tanks, dresses, throws, scarves.

WATERWAY TRADING CO: Suzanne Stark,, Handmade cotton rope bowls with nature embellishments.

WILD ROSE GLASS: Richard Keith,,  Large and small handmade stained glass pieces.

WISDOMWOOD: Dennis Neill, Handmade, creative wood arts and crafts.