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Springtime opening on Saturday, April 17th!


The Votes Are In!  

The most popular choice was Farm Collection!  Delicious Honey and Pottery Perfect were close contenders in

the vote talleys.  The good news is that all three will be available for purchase at the Welcome tent on Saturday mornings!

Thank you for your help!   We look forward to seeing you.


Our 2021 membership drive is now underway!

Are you looking forward to the market opening?  Do you value what we bring to our community?  Is it important to you that you shop with local small businesses?  If so, please join the Friends of the OBFM.  

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New Decal Colors and Styles for 2021

Show your OBFM support with these spiffy decals available at our Welcome Tent.

We look forward to serving the needs of our community with fresh locally grown food and quality handmade products. Thanks for your support!