Winter settles in with the crisp of the frost and a still hush over the land.  True the winds may brisk or there might be a touch of snow, however the land takes its rest.  We might think that our farmers and vendors would take this period to rest also, and perhaps the pace is easier, but the work still continues borne from passion within.  This is the time of assessment, planning, creative ideas, and the restlessness for longer days begins to set in. Out come the seed catalogs, cookbooks, sketch pads, the woodstoves in the shops fire up so that hands can try out ideas, dreams can take shape and time passes more a little more quickly until we approach this season's opening day.  For although the land seems to the eye to be asleep above, there is much going on below ground awaiting the warm kiss of the sun to awaken spring miracles once again.

Thank you for your support. 

See you in April!

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Early Sunday mornings, after a wonderful market the day before, are always times of reflection for me about the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market. I usually find myself smiling; smiling at the memories of the sights, sounds, smells, colors, textures, and energy of the market. The scenes include the bright oranges, yellows, and reds of pumpkins, fall flower bouquets, cool season carrots, and fresh, crisp apples; the greens of collards, mustard and turnip greens, microgreens and lettuces, and the warm browns of homemade breads, cinnamon buns, galettes, croissants, and cupcakes, not to mention the comforting aromas that accompany these treats. The fresh, local, homemade food that the market’s farmers and bakers bring reminds us of the joys of eating well from sources that we know and trust.

Then there is the fluttering, sparkling, vividly-colored, aromatic, visually engaging work that the market’s artisans bring which represents the creativity, aesthetic, and passions of each maker. Metals, fabrics, recycled materials, glass, wood, wax, paint, and an endless variety of materials in their hands form treasures to be loved by all who value the human touch.

This time of the market season a slower, more peaceful, and more relaxed pace manifests under the shelter of the broad, omnipresent live oaks and fills all who wander thru the market.  Excited kids searching for scavenger hunt items, shoppers hugging bags holding their choice

purchases, parents pushing baby strollers, folks enjoying hotdogs running over with squishy, scrumptious extras, friends grouped in a sunny spot laughing and catching up, and vendors leaning into conversations about their products with all who stop to inquire create a picture of community inclusion and appreciation.

The 2019 Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market season is coming to its conclusion. The market will gather the first four Saturdays in November as the seasons transition from fall into winter in this sleepy little sailing town. On Saturday, December 21st, the date that brings in the winter solstice, the Olde-Fashioned Holiday Market will draw in shoppers eager to join in this traditional event. Words seem inadequate to describe the joy, holiday spirit, and excitement that fill the air on this special evening. Folks come from near and far to wander through the tents adorned with Christmas lights and decorations to not only purchase special gifts for family and friends, but to be filled with and to become a part of the abundant festive, magic of the experience.

We hope you have enjoyed the market this year, we hope you realize the contributions that your attendance and dollars spent have made to the lives of our market vendors, and we hope your sense of belonging to this special community has grown and filled your soul with happiness.

With love, gratitude, and appreciation, Cindy Bunch, Market Manager

Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market Board of Directors

2019 Season.

Cindy Bunch

Tyler Chadwick

Mike Dunn

Emily Bankson

Sharon Harker

Norma Tillett

Jennifer Robinson

Elizabeth Gould

New Items in the Market Mercantile for 2018 

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2019 Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market