LOV Designs is actually Lisa and John Van Havere.  Our business evolved out of our mutual love of all things beachy, especially sea glass.  We love creating together and especially enjoy all the wonderful people we meet while promoting our unique jewelry, candles and art embellished with genuine sea glass!

      In our booth you see original art in acrylic, watercolor and Prismacolor Pencil.  Also,                                   guaranteed dishwasher safe hand painted glassware.  There will also be giclee prints in 2 sizes                   along with notecards.  Visiting our webpage at joanrussellart.com will give you a preview of my                work.

      I am self-taught and always had a love for art.  I enjoy painting wildlife and giving them

      human emotions.  Most of my ideas stem from things I have experienced in the Carolina

      area since retiring here from the Boston area.  Looking forward to seeing you at the market.

                                                            We are Kelley and Erin Nelson from Morehead City NC, and traveling up and down the                                                                                       East coast selling our art is truly what we love to do. We each have a different style when it                                                                                   comes to our paintings but are inspired by the coastal community we live in and the bright                                                                                    colors of the tropics.  Kelley and Erin's love for art began at an early age with doodles and                                                                                      crayons but really took a unique turn when they met building a parade float. Since this                                                                                            union began, Kelley and Erin have brought each of their styles together to create one of a                                                                                      kind pieces. Erin has a very  bright and whimsical style, while Kelley focuses more on                                                                                              realism. From the moment the brush hits the canvas, we have our touch on everything you                                                                                   see in our booth.  We build our own frames, and do our own printing and matting.  Each print

is created using pigment inks that will last up to 200 years and are matted using decorative crescent mats.  We take every measure to ensure that you are getting a quality piece that will last for generations.   Enjoy!  You can contact us (252) 723-4624, www.keleriartstudio.com or Facebook.

                                                                                      Linda’s Leaves started with my passion for gardening and love of nature.  While attending a nursery                                                                                                    trade show I saw some leaves cast in concrete by the University of Maryland art department and

                                                                                      thought them so beautiful.  Several years later, I had some very large gourd leaves growing in my

                                                                                      garden and I thought I would give it a try.  I never stopped.  I really enjoy working with concrete and

                                                                                      love how each leaf is unique.   Each one is a delight to make.                         

                                                                                     My sister encouraged me to sell them at the Baltimore Flower Mart.  I really got pleasure selling my     leaves and how they were received by customers.  My business grew from there.   Since my supply is limited – I work in my backyard and depend

on the leaves that I grow- I am very selective about the shows I sign up for.  I have developed my own concrete recipe with colors mixed within the cement, I am able to “cup” the leaf so that it holds water and many have a fittings to be able to be put on a copper pole.    I also make leaf wall

hangings, vertical leaves and fountains.  My process has been refined over the years and my castings are very unique, durable and beautiful.

My grandfather was born in Marshallberg, North Carolina.  My parents, who are 87, and my sister live there now.  I travel back and forth between Marshallberg and Maryland quite a lot.  When in Marshallberg I enjoy being part of the Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market and all the wonderful

vendors and customers under the beautiful live oaks.

Linda Jacobson.           www.lindasleaves.com




                                                                    Originally from South west England, I have lived in North Carolina for over 20 years and I                                                                                                          currently live on Ocracoke which is the closest place to home for me. I create tiny ink and                                                                                                            watercolour paintings, every piece an original little snapshot of things and places I love. I source all                                                                                          my unique little frames from thrift stores to support local non profits and I repaint them in a salty,                                                                                            distressed patina to complement the artwork. A totally unique, original piece of art to take home                                                                                               with you!

On My Travels, Amanda Holden

I was born in Mobile, AL.  and after graduating from university with a degree in Economics, I began work in advertising as an account executive, where I spent 15 years of my career. Even though it was fun to work in advertising, I wanted to have a different experience and moved into St. Marten, working there 3 years.   I then moved to Turkey and worked as the Marketing Director in a healthcare company for 8 years.  Following my retirement, I moved back to the U.S. and started my own online business selling handmade Iznik potteries and wood works for home decoration.   Additionally, I keep myself busy with my hobbies of making bracelets and pebble art.

 Botanic Synergy, Kelly Smith




                                                                                      My name is Kelly, owner & operator of Botanic Synergy LLC.  I handmake bodycare, wellness,                                                                                            cosmetic, and energetic products to spread the art and awareness of aromatherapy.  My aromatic                                                                                          obsession began in college, where I obtained a B.S. in Marine Biology at UNCW.  While in                                                                                                    school I worked at an apothecary shop in the downtown Wilmington area, that sold oils.  My                                                                                                  education gave me a deep understanding of the power of these oils.  Many hours of botany,                                                                                                      chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, & other life sciences gave me a scientific approach to                                                                                              aromatherapy.  I have now gained over a decade of experience in the aromatic industry, through                                                                                            custom formulations for individuals & businesses.  In 2016, I enrolled back into school at The                                                                                                Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy to obtain a degree in Clinical Aromatherapy.                                                                                              My previous experience, along with my continued education, have inspired all the creations that I                                                                                      offer through Botanic Synergy LLC.  My formulations are all natural, predominantly organic, &                                                                                           free of synthetic or hazardous ingredients.  These products are meant to be a balance of quality, responsibly sourced ingredients, sustainability, environmental consciousness, practical application, & affordability.  All packaging is recyclable &/or reusable, utilizing glass, metal, & minimal plastics.  Enhance your quality of life with all the gifts that nature has to offer.  Botanic Synergy LLC is here to assist individuals in the self discovery of scent, our most primal sense.  Pursue your aromatic curiosities.


Spring Blessings!

-Kelly Smith-

                                                                                       All of my life I have loved to tinker. I have always been one to tear apart, rebuild, make it better

                                                                                       than it was, "I can make one of those" or, "I can make something that will make that job easier".

                                                                                       A lot of those creations were already in existence but I would build my own. Some of them have

                                                                                      been one of a kind inventions out of necessity and should probably remain that way!

                                                                                       Many years ago I met the lady of my life on a motorcycle ride and yes she rides her own bike. She is

                                                                                      also a jeweler who creates her own pieces from scratch. Hammer forming, soldering, etching,

stamping, and works with rocks.  I was and am still amazed at her abilities in her shop and all her  tools!!!  my lady was making annual trips to

the hills for the rock and gem shows for supplies for her creations.  About ten years ago the bug hit.  I liked rocks! Wow a lot of rocks! After a lot of

trial and error I have been able to make something out of things most people would kick around or throw away. My lady started using some of my

rocks in her jewelry and creations.


I worked in the construction trades and would always have access to scraps being thrown away. Copper wire, copper pipe and tubing in particular

made its way to the garage, add some thrown away silverware, metal shot glasses, bullets, fire extinguishers, scrap aluminum awning frames, and so

on. Anything that I imagined would make a pleasant, to some, noise was now experimented to become wind chimes. Over the years the collection

of creations has become quite extensive. Folks have asked, “are you selling this”, or “why don't you sell these?” It was then mentioned that I should

take them to the local Craft or Farmers Market. A lot of thought went into this and we thought about what I was doing. Was I recycling,

up-cycling or reusing? Everybody seemed to be doing that with scraps. I was rejuvenating and bringing things to a new life! Hence the title name

"The Rejuvenator".

I create nature inspired, lovable jewelry for every day wear.  Each piece is made with attention to beauty and durability.  I use gemstones, Czech beads, Miyuki seed beads, pearls, Swarovski crystals, metal etchings, enamel, wire, leather, precious metal and this and that to create distinctive boho, sophisticated and delicate wearable art.  I am inspired by coastal and mountain themes and have studios in Beaufort, NC and Little Switzerland, NC.

My name is Graham Hunt and I’m a professional photographer living in Emerald Isle, NC. I have a unique approach of capturing waves in the ocean during sunrise and sunset. In addition my work extends into landscape photography. My work has been published with Patagonia, Billabong and Quiksilver. I’m new to the market and looking forward to meeting other vendors in the area! 

                                                              My name is Jessica and my joy is designing beautiful jewelry....I tried to bring out the beauty

                                                              in each individual piece. I have followed my creative muse and began designing jewelry in 2003.                                                                       My work synthesizes my lifelong interest in design, my fascination with color and the

                                                              attention to fine detail.

                                                              My jewelry is crafted with precious metals , semi precious metals, Swarovski crystals, Druzy ,                                                                            Pearls, Natural Gemstones, Seed beads, Copper, Faceted Rondells, Handmade Glass Beads,         Vintage Glass, Precious Stones, Sea Glass and the finest gemstones, in the brilliant color combinations that have always exemplified my work.  Here is my website: Jessy's Jewelry fb.me/jessyhandmadejewelry

Thank you So much for taking a look at my Collection. Please enjoy Shopping and feel free to contact me for any questions at stoehrerjess@yahoo.com or m.me/jessyhanmadejewelry

I'm a Beaufort "local" and a self taught artist. It's obvious when you see my work..., I love color!  I paint murals, furniture and art. My work is vibrant..., full of fun and whimsy! I guess you could say that "HAPPY" is my specialty!

Island Accents, Becky Shelatz

                                                                              My name is Becky Shelatz with Island Accents.  While I have worked as an RN for the last

                                                                              15 years I have always loved to paint! It has been such a huge part of my life since childhood.

                                                                              I have no professional training but enjoy pushing myself to try new mediums and like to                                                                                                       experiment with different materials to paint on. I love the idea of repurposing….taking

                                                                              something meant to be thrown away and breathing new life into it….giving it a new

                                                                              beginning.  Currently I paint with acrylics on wood, canvas, doors,slate,windows and am

                                                                              always trying new things! 
                                                                              My family and I live in Emerald Isle, NC. While I am the one that paints, my husband is the                                                                                               craftsman, manager, and salesman. Our daughters Chloe and Myah enjoy the creative process

                                                                             and can often be heard offering their ideas to make a piece better. I am so thankful for this                 opportunity to be able to do what I love and have the flexibility to be there for my children. I am humbled by those who have shown support and interest in our work. My desire is that our art  brings hope just like it’s repurposed to do….never give up….your story

isn’t over yet!   You can reach us at (252)503-9448 and on Facebook

Seashells by Auntie E, Elaine Ford

For over 20 years it has been all about a love for everything local!  We celebrate our proud history, landmarks, and local fishing industry by recycling sealife, shells, and fishing floats.  People’s Choice award winning one of a kind designs offer something special for all ages.  You will find us at popular coastal festivals, craft shows, and local markets.  We are looking forward to our 5th year at the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market!

The Painting Gypsy, Ada Bowers

My childhood inspiration for art came from my Mom and Aunt who taught me a little of everything from sewing to painting.  They showed me the basics and I was off on my own at a very young age.  I took art every year from elementary all the way through college and never stopped creating.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Radford University in 1997.  I was hired not long after that as an art teacher in beautiful Madison County seated at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA and resided in Charlottesville, VA. I dabbled in abstract art forms, stained glass, and painting while living in the area.   I still love to try new techniques and love to experiment with new mediums. I am now currently working part time as a vendor for the Beaufort Farmers Market as a face painter and artist.  I also offer commissioned work of all kinds in most mediums and teach art classes to people of all ages.  Check out my website at  www.thepaintingypsy.com for more info. 

You Wood If  You Could, Olivia Hendershot & Donnie Tuttle


 Owners Donnie and Olivia are a dynamic team working together to create hand painted reclaimed wooden signs and decorations.  It's a little bit of her rustic folk artiness mashed together with his handy woodworking that brings some fun, clever art to you from our home on the coast of North Carolina, Morehead City.

Everything is hand-made, hand-painted, no vinyl lettering in sight!  If you have something else in mind, we take custom orders for wording, paint colors, size, stain color and pretty much anything you can imagine.  We are happy to customize anything you see, just ask! You can also like us on Facebook and visit our Etsy store.



You Wood If  You Could, Olivia Hendershot & Donnie Tuttle


 Owners Donnie and Olivia are a dynamic team working together to create hand painted reclaimed wooden signs and decorations.  It's a little bit of her rustic folk artiness mashed together with his handy woodworking that brings some fun, clever art to you from our home on the coast of North Carolina, Morehead City.

Everything is hand-made, hand-painted, no vinyl lettering in sight!  If you have something else in mind, we take custom orders for wording, paint colors, size, stain color and pretty much anything you can imagine.  We are happy to customize anything you see, just ask! You can also like us on Facebook and visit our Etsy store.



Neverland Creations, Julie Garner


I have always loved homemade soap.  It just makes your skin feel better, and there's something about it's handmade quality that really appeals to the crafter in me. Three years ago, I decided it was time to try making my own -  and NeverLand Creations was born.  I've worked in this community as an RN for over 30 years.  As a result, I am very interested in promoting health and wellness.  From the beginning it was clear to me that I would commit to using only natural ingredients and pure essential oils.  That, I believe, has produced a better bar of soap - that is better for your skin, and healthier for your body.

 My first love, however, has always been hand thrown pottery and I have collected it most of my adult life.  I began taking classes a few years ago, and now it has become a part of who I am.  I am proud to announce that NeverLand Creations will now be offering my own wheel thrown pottery in addition to my soap!

Gypsybee Studio, Michelle Johnson Fairchild

I have an artist’s heart, hands and love for COLOR! I am a portrait artist, published illustrator, and painter with a passion for life. 

I am a survivor of domestic violence. I survived an attempt to end my life as well as the butchering of nearly 100 paintings. My entire life’s work as an artist was destroyed in an act of rage. Consequently, I have used my art and my story nationally to educate and empower victims.

My art isn’t simply a survivor’s story. It is s a thriver’s story.  

Courage, bravery and hope are reflected in each vibrant brush stroke. Art is my passion and painting with vibrant color is my language

Dreaming Dragon Pottery, Caroline Ladely

My name is Caroline Ladely. I have loved playing in the mud my whole life, but have only taken it on seriously in the last 5 years. I retired early from a career as an Art Educator, took the great leap of faith, and began making pottery full time. It's dirty work, but joyful!
I love the long hours in the studio, playing with clay and trying new things! I tend to work with nature inspired motifs. I make each pot with consideration of function and aesthetics. I strive to make things that are useful, beautiful and original. I love to hear people say that a mug I made is their everyday favorite!
It makes me happy to share my skills through teaching also. I offer small group and individual clay classes in my studio, in Pelitier, NC. Please come visit me at the Olde Beaufort Farmers Market!

Leilani's Aromatic Elixirs, Leilani Walker

Leilani formulates handcrafted, magical potions in small batches in her kitchens on Maui and Bogue Banks. Her products are created for your consciousness shifting empowerment, comfort, and beauty. Using organic and wild-harvested ingredients when possible (never any synthetic additives), she combines just the right herbs, elements, and energy to provide support for wherever you are in your life.

Leilani is immersed in the healing arts as a Tarot reader, intuit, yoga and meditation instructor, reiki master, and life coach. She believes strongly in the mystical, magical power of love, intentions, aromatics, and plant-based medicine to heal our body, minds, and spirits. Making healing concoctions is something she has been obsessed with since she was a child. Now, she's so happy to share them with you! 

Frances Marian Photography, Suzy Lewis

                                                                                  A longtime friend told me recently that have always been a photographer in my heart. I hold a                                                                                                   burning desire to capture the images that enrapture me so that others can discover the magic also.                                                                                             Photography became my medium of expression and pursuit during my high school years, shooting                                                                                           with film and the fascination of the world through my lens.  Four years ago I returned home to                                                                                                    Downeast Carteret County and rediscovered the local beauty and my passion with my cell phone                                                                                              camera. 

                                                                                  Soon a digital camera made it's way into my life from an unknown source.  It has changed my life

                                                                                  and I am grateful to honor the gift and the giver.  Three years ago, I opened my business at the Olde                                                                                      Beaufort Farmers' Market with the ample help, generous support, encouragement, and assistance of                                                                                        my family and  friends.  The Market has helped me to build an audience and learn to run a small                                                                                                business. 

Nature and landscapes are favorite topics in my work. I also feel it is important to document my heritage as a commercial fisherman's daughter. I seek to preserve this perspective from the deck of boats in addition to the docks. So much of successful photography is in the preparation and positioning yourself to capture what you seek.  Much is God given and a healthy portion of good luck are reflected in my best shots.  For all of the above and the abundance I'm shown, I am truly grateful.

"There is magic all around us, Universal energy ties us together, and yes....Mermaids do exist."  Capture the moments that are important.

Website       www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/francesmarian-lewis.html  

Facebook:  FrancesMarianPhotography    

Email:         francesmarianphotos@gmail.com

Baskets By The Sea, Andy & Connie Roberto

                                                                                    My name is Connie Roberto. 

                                                                                    I have been basket weaving for 10 years and still love it as much as I did 10 years ago!! I always loved                                                                                         baskets so when I saw a basket demo, I said "I think I can do that"!! I have been basket weaving ever                                                                                         since!!  I like to weave baskets you can use every day:  buffet, utensil, Lazy Susan, casserole, pie, cookie                                                                                     baskets are just some of the types that I weave. With the price of reed going sky high and the price of                                                                                       wood rising, ordering bases for me to weave became very expensive so I decided to get my husband                                                                                           involved.  He began making and designing wood bases for me to weave with.  I always weave when I                                                                                         am at the market so people can see that I actually create all of the baskets I have on display to sell!!                                                                                             While you’re at the market, stop by and see me.... I love to talk baskets!!

SealZiti, Jane Zeller


                                                                                            Natural and fun soaps scents crafts.

                                                                                            We make our soaps, lotions, and perfumes from scratch using wonderful ingredients.  Olive oil is                                                                                               always the lead ingredient in our soap recipes.  Then we add things like goat milk or aloe juice or                                                                                               ale and even more luxurious oils/butters like avocado oil and shea butter.  Lots of essential oils                                                                                                     and/or phthalate-free fragrance oils finish the recipe.  The soaps are then all hand-wrapped and                                                                                                 labeled to make them a gift ready to give - or keep for yourself!  With all of those wonderful                                                                                                         ingredients at our fingertips, we also make lotions, body oils plus perfumes.  And because we love                                                                                               to make things even when we’re at the market, we needle-felt tiny animals, objects, and gnomes                                                                                                 out of alpaca fiber – from alpacas raised right here on the Crystal Coast!

Joey Jones, Author

                                                                                      I was born in New Bern, North Carolina on November 18, 1979.  My father was a New Bern native                                                                                         and my mother was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee (where my parents met). I have five                                                                                         siblings: three sisters and two brothers.  I often say that talking time with so many siblings was                                                                                                   competitive so this may be one of the reasons I ended up writing!


                                                                                     I graduated from New Bern High School, Craven Community College (A.A.S. in both Marketing &                                                                                     Retailing and General Education—graduating with honors), and the University of Maryland                                                                                                     University College (B.A. in Business Communication—graduated with honors).


                                                                                     In 2000, I started Callahan Marketing & Advertising, Inc., a full service advertising agency based out                                                                                      of New Bern. I was also an adjunct business/marketing instructor at Craven Community College for                                                                                        several years.


                                                                                      In 2002, I began writing creatively in my spare time.  My debut novel, A Bridge Apart, was published                                                                                       in September 2015, and in February 2016 I became a full-time novelist. Losing London, my second                                                                                         novel was released in October 2016. Over 10,000 copies of my novels have been sold as of July 2017.                                                                                          My writing style has been described as a mixture of Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, and James                                                                                        Patterson.

                                                                                       I am the father of two amazing boys that fill my life with joy adventure.

                                                                                       I am 5’11”, weigh 175 lbs. and may an avid athlete who plays and coaches competitive softball and                                                                                              basketball and lifts weights regularly. I am an active member at my church and contribute to a                                                                                                    variety of charities. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, playing almost any sport, and visiting small towns on the East Coast.  I live in North Carolina with my family.

You can learn more about me at www.Joey-Jones.com

Moon Creek Farm, Marcia Isley

                                                                                     Moon Creek Farm


                                                                                     My name is Marcia Isley.  I'm the owner of MoonCreek Chair Caning and more. I began making                                                                                               baskets about 10 years ago and then I got hooked on old chairs. I started off just fixing a few for                                                                                                myself and now it has grown to fixing a lot of nice folks old chairs.  I appreciate furniture that has                                                                                              been in a family for generations.  It's nice to know that people do still appreciate the "older" things in                                                                                        life. If you have a chair that the old bottom has loosened or broken; I can fix it!  Even if you just want                                                                                        to change out a bottom in the old chair I can make it happen! 

MilkStreet Soap, Kim Meacham

                                                                                    We are a local/regional handcrafted soap company from Ocracoke Island, NC.  Expected                                                                                                              preposterously bubbly showers that bloom around you a symphony of essential oil blended scents,                                                                                              clean rinse and leave your beautiful skin nurtured and sublimely supple!  Good for people, animals and                                                                              planet!


                                                                                    Warning:  May be HABIT FORMING!

MilkStreet Soap, Kim Meacham

                                                                                    We are a local/regional handcrafted soap company from Ocracoke Island, NC.  Expected                                                                                                              preposterously bubbly showers that bloom around you a symphony of essential oil blended scents,                                                                                              clean rinse and leave your beautiful skin nurtured and sublimely supple!  Good for people, animals and                                                                              planet!


                                                                                    Warning:  May be HABIT FORMING!

Seralyn's Satchels, Beverly Serafini


                                                                                    I am Beverly Serafini a retired flight attendant of 37 yrs.  I was looking for something to do in these                                                                                           golden years to  keep things interesting.  I was visiting California the day they passed the plastic bag                                                                                         ban. We had a cousin who was a coffee roaster and imported green coffee from around the world.

                                                                                    I have taken the used burlap bags and cut them down, lined them with the second most sustainable                                                                                           material(cotton). Now I offer a product that can go into the landfill or your back yard and will break                                                                                         down completely with in a year and a half.  Plastic bags will break down BUT will continue to affect                                                                                         our planet, our wild life and ourselves for thousands of years.

                                                                                    I am SERALYN SATCHELS and I want to help our planet one bag at a time. Stop by, see how we                                                                                         can do something to help OUR WORLD

                                                                                       Hey, y'all.  Meet Kellie, Kati, and Nick.  We consider the best life to be a simple life. We believe

                                                                                       in small towns, taking care of your neighbors, waving “hey ya’ll” when you pass, and talking

                                                                                       together on front porches. We rely on our faith in Jesus, worn church pews, and lots of prayer.

                                                                                       We stand-by safeguarding what we’ve  been blessed with and leaving something for generations to                                                                                                come. We agree the best days are those spent with busy hands, whether that be digging in the dirt,                                                                                                threading a needle, or mixing up something fresh and delicious in the kitchen. We aren’t afraid of                                                                                                  sweat on our brows or good ol’ fashion hard work. We understand the value of from-scratch, self-                                                                                                  grown and made-at- home. We take comfort in knowing the ingredients of what goes in and on

our bodies. We are a group of family and friends who consider it a privilege to make products for your family and friends. We are Revolution Homesteads.


Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market Carteret County Historic Court House

300 Courthouse Square - Beaufort, NC 28516

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